Tom’s Mk2 Golf GTI – Subtle Stealth

‘’I bought the car in August 2015, it was a little bit rough… the body and paintwork weren’t the best, and it all seemed very unloved’’. After owning this car for just over a year, Tom has completely transformed this unloved MK2, giving it the care it deserves.”

Looking at this very different MK2 Golf, you are instantly drawn to the Rota Grid Drift alloys, wrapped in Toyo Proxes, along with the aggressivestance of the vehicle. This particular MK2 doesn’t just look aggressive, the sound and performance matches it perfectly. Under the hood lies a MK3 GTI 2.0 bottom end, a ported & polished TSR cylinder head and TSR cams, G60 injectors, uprated Magnacore HT leads, and the list goes on. ‘’Every time I get in the car, turn the key, and hear that beautiful noise, it instantly puts a smile on my face; it makes me forget about all of my problems.’’ The car hasa four branch Ashley Race manifold, along with a Scorpion twin DTM exhaust system; and yes, it‘s loud! Here at OhSoRetro, we appreciate all conditions, all styles, and genuine hard work. Tom has spent many weekends, correcting the paintwork to bring the VW Brilliant Black paint back to it’s shine; and we think it looks awesome! ‘’The bodywork needs tidying up in places, it’s an ongoing thing’’. We love the brutal, aggressive look of this car; it certainly stands out amongst the crowd.


Tech Spec:


  • 8 8V GTI, 2.0 MK3 GTI bottom
  • end, TSR port & polish cylinder
  • head fully gas flowed, TSR Cam,
  • Magnacore HT Leads, G60
  • Injectors, Four branch Ashley
  • Race manifold, Scorpion twin
  • DTM upsweep exhaust,
  • Pipercross Induction kit.


  • FK AK Street coilovers, fully
  • height adjustable.


  • Rota Grid Drift wheels 16’’ 8J
  • ET10 w/ 5mm spacers all round,
  • 195/40/16 Toyo Proxes TR1,
  • front grill debadge, Smoked
  • crosshair headlights.


  • Standard GTI Seats, Momo
  • Race steering wheel.

So, what does the future hold for this MK2 Golf GTI? Well, Tom has many plans for this car, one of them being a full air lift suspension system. This is something that the majority of petrol heads dream of owning, transforming the car to a whole new level. Tom is also looking into a full engine bay detail, to hide and re route the wires, making it much more simplistic and pleasing. Like most enthusiasts, one set of wheels is never enough, and Tom has many different plans when it comes to this. What do you think of Tom’s MK2 Golf GTI

The MK2 Golf is an iconic generation of Golf first built in the 80’s, carrying all the way through until the early 90’s. We all remember the original Volkswagen Golf GTI, and a large amount of people remember owning one. Now, we see a lot of different tastes and styles, from completely original, to track car, from rat-look to show spec. What’s your favourite style, and do you own one? Let us know at

Words and Photography by Harry Higgs.


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