Alpine A110 1600S Rally Car

Manufactured in Alpine in Dieppe, France in 1970 as a works Group 3 demonstrator. Approximately 800 first series 1600s were built between 1969 and 1973. Owned and rallied by Christine Dacremont in 1971 the year that she was Champion de France des Rallyes Feminin.

When Tim Moores the current owner, stopped racing sports cars he saw this A110 advertised in a classic car magazine by chance, he knew about Alpine’s rally and race history and decided he had to have it.

After a quick check over the car, Tim set to work on all the usual items such as the engine brakes and suspension to get everything into top class order. He has owned the car for 26 years now, competes in long distance rallies across Europe and has covered over 120,000 km in the car.

The car gets used as it should be, trust me.

There’s some slight cracks on the rear nearside wheel arch, this was down to some ‘spirited driving’ by Tim on a rally in Corsica when he drove the car over a crest and was sent airborne. The landing was hard and the wheel came up and hit the underside of the arch causing the damage that is visible today. Tim told me that he ran super glue into the crack and was soon back on his way.

What’s the future for this car? “To be thrown up more mountains and enjoyed on the big cols where it really comes alive.”

I wish Tim all the best, this car really won me over with its rich racing history and very devoted owner. I’m sure they’ll keep rallying for many years to come.

Tech Spec


  • 1800cc Straight 4, 2 x 45DCOE, 160+ BHP,
  • 5-speed transaxle


  • Fibreglass body bonded to a steel chassis,
  • 1st Series Group 4 “Pagoda” arches


  • Front double wishbone,
  • Rear swing axle
  • Coil springs with Bilstein gas dampers to Tim’s spec
  • Discs all round.
  • Wheels 6×13 front 8×13 rears.


  • Custom seats by EKU, Germany.
  • Heated front screen and Perspex rear screen.
  • Modern rally computer and timer.

Words and Photography by Nick Simmo

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