Retro Rides Gathering 2017

Retro Rides Gathering is widely regarded as one of the most anticipated retro car shows of the year. This year I had the pleasure of attending the event that took place at Shelsely Walsh Hill Climb on behalf of OhSoRetro.
The event hosted a wide variety of retro cars ranging from Eastern European to American, to British and everything in between. As it was my first time at the show I didn’t know what to expect.

On arrival, I was excited to see hundreds of cars in the retro parking area. I could hear the roar of powerful engines and the smell of burning rubber and fuel.

I began with looking at the retro parking area which was mainly made up of car clubs. I noticed the Worcester Retro Club first so went to have a look, there’s always a good selection of classic and retro cars and I am familiar with them anyways. After a quick chat with a few of their members I then took some photos and had a walk around spotting some familiar cars and owners. After talking to a few of the cars owners it’s obvious to see that a lot of effort goes into to making them perfect.

I was surprised to see a Fiat 126 as they seem to be rare in this country, it’s also a car that I very much like myself. I then went to see what was going on up the hill climb. It’s great to see all sorts of different cars and people having a go. Both slow and fast cars went up the hill, both as exciting as the other.

The weather was perfect and apparently the best weather yet judging by what others who had been before were telling me. Good weather brings out the most cars and spectators, it was BUSY.

I think it’s definitely a show I will go to again, the atmosphere is good and the cars are ok too….. (Yeah, they look better than OK, Joe!).

I have heard that Retro Rides are now holding a second show at the Goodwood Race Circuit next year in May which I am sure will be as successful as this one!

Please excuse my writing skills, I’m a photographer not a writer.

(Joseph Steel)

Instagram: @S_t_ee_l_y


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