Malta Classic 2018

Malta Classic is a classic car event that takes place in Madina, Malta and comprises of three events that run from the 11th to the 14th October unfortunately I could not attend all 3 events which included a hill climb which took place at the Ta Pennellu Hill that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

The Madina Concours D’Elegance which took place in the centre of Malta’s old capital city, also known as the ‘silent city’, the Malta Classic Grand Prix also takes place on the streets below Madina’s walls.
Of the events that I was able to attend the concours d’elegance was the first.

I entered the gates of Madina at around midday after travelling from Valletta which is the capital of Malta. On arrival I’ll be honest I had no clue where I was going so just wandered around the narrow streets of the city until I came across any clues as to which way I needed to go, I spotted a pristine Bedford Van first and then saw all the other cars that had entered the competition.
Although there weren’t as many cars as I was expecting, the variety of cars was more than I expected from rough racing cars like the 1969 Ferrrari 212e to unrestored classic cars like the 1973 Volvo 144 which won best in the unrestored original class.

The sun was shining the cars were gleaming and the show was all going well until the heavens opened and it started absolutely chucking it down. Whilst most people shot off to find cover in the surrounding museums and cafes I braved the weather and continued to take photos as it was the perfect opportunity to have the cars to myself and because I think cars still look great even in the wet! The rain stopped about 15 minutes later and the sun was quickly back out. The final part of the show was the awards ceremony for each category after which people made a swift exit in their classics.

The second event that I went to was the timed runs for the Grand Prix which took place on the Sunday. I wasn’t able to go to the main racing due to flying home. The timed runs took place on the streets below the city and determined the entrants starting position. 6 cars were on track at a time competing for their positions which seemed mad as the roads were barely wide enough for one or two cars at most.

I think the event was not very well organised for spectators. We had paid for the grand stand seating but could not find out how to get to it. I had to ask others who didn’t seem to know themselves either. When we eventually found where the shuttle bus picked up from and an old Leyland DAF turned up (luxury) so we jumped on and asked the drive if he was going to the grand stand, he didn’t know what a grand stand was and was more interested in talking to his friends at the front of the bus. We finally made it to the grand stand but sadly there was nothing “grand” about it, badly positioned and dull looking, not what we were expecting.
The action was best witnessed (and photographed) standing. Despite all the issues we had finding and viewing the event it was a lot of fun and offered a lot of variety.

Words and Photos by Joseph Steel (@S_t_ee_l_y)

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