Matt Black Cut Out Logo Sun Strip


#OhSoRetro Matt Black CUT OUT Sunstrip.

This is a matt black sunstrip with our swirly font 18″ #OhSoRetro logo cut out. (So its clear).

58″ Wide 9.5″ deep. Universal, so you can cut and adjust to preference.

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Fitting Instructions.

Best applied in warm weather. Matt Vinyl is easily scratched please be careful when squeegeeing.

1. Place the sun strip on the windscreen and mark position with tape.
2. Ensure you have cleaned the windscreen thoroughly.
3. Peel off the backing paper and lightly spray the sticky side of the sun strip and the windscreen with clean cold water.
4. CAREFULLY position the sunstrip (having a friend or two will help!).
5. Use a soft squeegee to press down the sun strip and squeeze out any excess water.
6. Trim the edges to fit your windscreen.
7. Remove the protective film off the cut-out logo.
8. Upload a photo to Instagram and #OhSoRetro for a shout out!

If you are really confused or just want to make sure you know what you are doing. Have a look on YouTube there are plenty of tutorials.

Due to the nature of the product we cannot be held responsible for any damages to the vinyl or poor fitting.

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